Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RichinCraft Folie a Deux Limited Edition Antler by richincraft:

If I were a woodland nymph, I wouldn't go glamping without a proper survival kit. These bags are a natural choice.
Rich in Craft Folie a Deux Limited Edition Antler by richincraft:

Silver Winged Fantastic Dreams

Under the apple tree canopy bed Modern romantic by attiladesign

I figured since I wanna frolic in the forrest like a nymph, it would be far easier for me to fly to Finland just so that I could sleep on this bed.

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Ode to Blow

"this fantastical headpiece features a set of real shed deer antlers, and in the center is a nest made of twigs, in that nest are resting birds and their eggs."

One size fits all
Photo: Vincente Lopez Studio
Hats: Belle McCluskey for Boring Sidney Hats
Clothing: Kim McCormick for Kimmi Designs
Makeup: Heather Lopez-Thorpe for VLS
Hair: Jessica Newman for Jeska Newman Hair
Model: Samantha Leischow
Seattle Washington
© Restricted Use Property of VLS
Vincente Lopez Studios Seattle Washington

© COPYRIGHT: All my designs, photos and descriptions are protected by copyright. They may not be duplicated, copied, reproduced without my permission. All rights are reserved"
Queen of the Woodland by BoringSidney on Etsy:

"Very unusual headpiece consisting of deer antlers with a large, vintage, french flower that has been hand dyed and hand curled. Around the flower is a soft, sweeping combination of white ostrich feathers, ivory coque feathers that have been hand stripped, and ivory goose biots that are hand curled."

I love theater and "Boring Sidney" is a host of drama. Her millinery work, intrigues me and makes me want to grow antlers and frolic in the forest like a woodland nymph.

One size fits all
Photos by Craig Thomson
Model - Aylyssa
Dog Model - My beloved Irish Wolfhound, Cluricaunce (aka Clu)
Amazing dress by"

Monday, January 17, 2011

" Wearing a hat is like cosmetic surgery." -Isabella Blow

Life After Death of a Style Icon

Yesterday we were working on a photo shoot, when I overheard an intern from the studio ask a makeup artist "do you read?" I laughed to myself at the thought, since artist are so visual, it is a good question! In response I answered, personally I just look at pictures. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Words hold thoughts while photos hold memories. Three new books have given us an up close and personal look inside the life of the eccentric and unforgettable Isabella Blow. The style Icon is immortalized in photographs that tell the tale of her life beyond the veil.

All eyes remain on stylist Blow, years after her death

All eyes remain on stylist Blow, years after her death